Island Pag

Explore the island of salt, cheese, stone, traditional lace and romance, the wonderful island of Pag! The island of Pag is the most indented island in the Republic of Croatia, and it is adorned with unique features. The famous Pag bridge leads you into the endless expanse of bare stone and beautiful nature. Breathe in the scent of pure nature combined with the scent of immortelle. A stay on the island of Pag offers you clear sea and beautiful beaches, quiet Dalmatian places that respect tradition and the freshness of wind Bura.

Pag lamb is recognizable by the smell of immortelle, and Pag cheese is a world-renowned delicacy. Staying in the apartments on Pag, everything will be at your walking distance, so you won't even need to use a car. The old city center will provide you with romantic evening walks and a view of the starry sky, and you will also be able to see the traditional Pag costume enriched with the design of Pag lace. Visit the old sights, the salt and cheese factory, and stop by nearby Novalja and Zrće beach.