Massage in Sukošan, Zadar and surroundings

Massage is not a luxury but a necessity! You are on vacation, and want to get rid of stress and relax as much as possible? Massage is what you need.

We offer a one-hour full body massage. A relaxing massage enables the correction of energy flow while relaxing the body and improving blood and lymph circulation throughout the body, harmonizing it and removing fatigue, tension and stress. After this massage you will feel relaxed, recovered and fresh.

The masseur comes to the address of the apartment/house and brings with him all the necessary equipment - a massage table, massage oil and more. It's up to you to enjoy. It is possible to organize several massages during the day, so that the whole family can enjoy it.

Massage service is available in Sukošan, Bibinje, Zadar and surrounding areas. Contact us today ;)