Year-round maintenance

We are aware that a large number of private renters do not stay all year round at the address of the apartment or holiday home they rent. Likewise, we know that a residential building requires maintenance throughout the year, not just in the summer months. This will greatly affect the quality of your accommodation and guest satisfaction, and will certainly significantly reduce the amount of work before the season. Don't worry, we can easily cover your absence here as well.

As we have stated elsewhere, we are a team of locals who, unlike you, live and work in Zadar County all year round. Of course, we also like to travel a little, but this will not adversely affect the regular tours of your property. ?

What does service include?

  • Weekly or monthly tour of the property outside the rental season
  • Organizing and managing major and minor works inside and outside the facility
  • Mail collection and storage
  • Mowing the grass
  • Pool maintenance
  • Cleaning of the apartment or villa before your arrival

We currently only offer this service in the Zadar County area, so hurry up and secure your place. Call us and see why is a unique and reliable partner in Zadar area.