About us

Sukošan Renting is a travel agency based in Sukošan that offers its clients a solution in finding adequate accommodation as well as additional services that they may need during their stay in the destination. We do our work responsibly, presenting the guest with accurate and precise information about each accommodation facility.

We work directly with the owners and all accommodation facilities are inspected before they are published on our website. All accommodation facilities listed are under contract with Sukošan Renting and have the necessary rental permits.

The owners of the accommodation facilities are our partners and they are aware of their responsibility for ensuring that the guest's stay takes place under pre-agreed conditions.

Every guest who uses the services of Sukošan Renting agency is obliged to respect these Terms of Use as well as the privacy policy stated on the website: www.renting.hr .

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  • Phone: 00385 95 560 6427
  • Mail: info@renting.hr
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1. Booking process

On our website. The price per night for a certain period is clearly shown for each accommodation facility. The stated price is fixed and includes costs of electricity, water, gas and internet. Towels, necessary bed linen and final cleaning are also included in the price. If an individual facility charges extra for some services (e.g. final cleaning, pool heating, pets, parking, laundry, etc.), this will be indicated in the description of the facility and mentioned during the reservation process.

1.1. Object selection

When a guest decides to book a certain accommodation and sends us an official inquiry, he is obliged to provide accurate information about the number and age of the guests as well as any additional information (e.g. if there are going to be pets, more than one vehicle etc.) If the guest does not provide accurate information, he or she may bear additional costs that may arise during the stay. In some cases, incorrect information may lead to the cancellation of the reservation without any refund.

1.2. Advance payment and reservation confirmation

In order to confirm the reservation, the guest is obliged to pay an advance payment in the amount of 30% of the total price of the accommodation within 3 working days. We send the confirmation of the reservation after the advance payment is made. The advance payment must be paid via bank transfer to the agency's account.

If we do not receive the advance payment within the specified period, the reservation is cancelled and the accommodation becomes available for further sale.

The rest of the amount, without the advance payment, is paid directly to the owner, usually in cash upon arrival. If the owner requests otherwise, the rest of the amount can be transferred to his or her bank account according to a pre-arranged payment dynamic. The process of paying the remaining amount will certainly be explained to the guest when confirming the reservation.

1.3. Reservation cancellation

If the guest wants to cancel his stay in the booked accommodation after paying the advance payment, he must notify us via email as soon as possible.

In the case of cancellation, regardless of the reason, the advance payment will not be returned. The guest can transfer the reservation to another person if such action is approved by our partner.

Advance payments of any kind are not returned even in the events of force majeure i.e. events that cannot be predicted, prevented or influenced (pandemic, natural disasters, state of war, etc.)

2. Security deposit

The guest should behave responsibly towards the rented facility and treat it with care. The accommodation facility should be left in the condition in which it was found.

Some house or apartment owners require the guest to pay a security deposit upon arrival. Please note that this is solely the decision of the property owner and that Sukošan Renting has nothing to do with that decision. In the case of damage, all further steps are discussed exclusively by the guest and the owner.

The guest will be informed about the amount of the deposit when booking the accommodation. The deposit is paid exclusively to the owner or to the person who welcomes the guests, and exclusively in cash (euros).

If the guest notices any defect in the accommodation facility upon arrival or during the stay, he or she is obliged to inform us, or the owner, immediately. Deliberately causing damage or disturbing public order and peace is considered to be a sufficient reason for the automatic termination of the reservation. In this case, guests are obliged to leave the accommodation facility where they are staying within 3 hours. Also, in this case, the advance payment made when booking will not be returned.

In the case of damage (an object left in a very bad condition after which a double cleaning is required is also considered damage) caused by the guest, the owner has the right to keep a certain part of the deposit for repairing the damage. If the deposit is not sufficient, the owner has the right to demand an additional payment from the guest. However, if the stay passes without any damage, the entire deposit will be returned to the guest upon check-out i.e. during the final inspection of the accommodation facility.

If the owner of the accommodation facility determines the damage after the departure of the guest, he or she reserves the right to subsequently charge the guest for an adequate amount.

3. House rules 

The guest is obliged to comply with all the house rules, otherwise he or she can expect additional costs. Noise, parties, acts that are not in accordance with the law, etc. are not allowed in the accommodation facility. If the guest does not comply with the house rules, the owner may request his or her early departure without refund.

The guest is expected to responsibly handle all equipment and devices in the accommodation facility. If he or she notices any irregularity, he or she must inform exclusively the owner. If the owner is not available, the guest can then inform the travel agency, and we will do our best to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Additional equipment in the accommodation facility (swimming pool, gym, etc.) is used by the guest at his or her own responsibility and in accordance with the owner's instructions. Sukošan Renting is not in any way responsible for problems, damage, accidents or injuries that may arise.

The guest must adhere to the time of arrival and departure to/from the accommodation facility. The guest will be informed of the time of arrival and departure when booking accommodation. If the guest arrives at the accommodation facility before the agreed time, he or she will not be able to enter and use the space. If the guest does not check out from the accommodation facility on time, the owner of the facility may charge him or her additionally.

4. Exclusion of liability of Sukošan Renting

After making a contract with Sukošan Renting, our partners are obliged to provide you with the agreed services. The travel agency acts in the name and on behalf of its partners, exclusively as an intermediary. Therefore, by choosing services from our website, you enter into a contractual relationship with our partners. Sukošan Renting is not responsible for any changes made by our partners that may occur during your stay (changes in prices or conditions). What is more, we are not responsible for the quality of the delivered services for which we mediated. All changes and irregularities must be resolved exclusively with our partners, since we are not responsible for them. The travel agency is not responsible for exchange rate differences and bank fees that may occur during payment.

Sukošan Renting, as an intermediary agency in finding accommodation, is not responsible for the following:

  • Acts of officials with whom the guest may come into contact during his or her stay in the accommodation facility booked through us (drivers, border police, airline agents, tour guides, doctors, etc.)
  • Illnesses and injuries that may occur during travel
  • Noise or construction works near the accommodation facility
  • Stoppages and jams on the road or border crossings
  • Strikes, blockades, negligence of official staff in the Republic of Croatia
  • Equipment failure in the accommodation facility
  • Force majeure events – events that could not be foreseen and prevented
  • Lost or stolen items
  • Problems that may occur when using additional services booked with our help
  • Inability to cross the border due to invalid documents or any other reason

5. Information on how to submit a written complaint

Pursuant to Art. 6. paragraph 1. point 3 of the Act on the provision of services in tourism, Official Gazette no. 130/17, and Art. 10, paragraph 3 of the Consumer Protection Act, Official Gazette, No. 41/14, we inform consumers that they can submit complaints about our services in writing (no later than 8 days after the service has been provided) and that they will receive a confirmation of the receipt of the complaint in writing without delay. Complaints can be submitted:

  • By mail to the address: Sukošan Renting, Tourist Agency, Dr. Franje Tuđmana 295, 23206 Sukošan, Croatia
  • By mail: info@renting.hr

Upon the submitted complaint of the service user, the receipt of the complaint will be confirmed in writing without delay.

We will respond to the consumer's written complaint in writing no later than 15 days after receiving the complaint.