Pool cleaning in Zadar area

Clean pool, satisfied guest. We provide pool cleaning services in the entire Zadar County. We are dedicated to our work and responsible to the owner and guests. We want every pool to be clean and healthy for use.

We use the most modern cleaning technology, robotic and modern stick vacuum cleaners. During cleaning, it is not difficult for us to wash the edge of the pool and check the ph value and the amount of chlorine.

We recommend cleaning the pool twice a week, but we can adapt to your wishes and needs. The cleanliness of the pool mostly depends on the number of people using it, the weather conditions and the environment of the pool. All in all, we can say from experience that the first thing the guest is interested in is the temperature of the water and the cleanliness of the pool.

What does the pool cleaning service consist of?

  • Vacuuming the pool
  • Removal of dirt on the surface of the pool
  • Washing the edge of the pool
  • Emptying and cleaning the skimmer basket
  • Water quality check
  • Replenishment of chemicals
  • Engine room control
  • Advising guests on the correct way to use the pool

The good news for you is that in addition to cleaning the pool, we also provide services like booking management, cleaning, check in and check out. Everything in one place, everything under one account. Call us today and secure your place for the upcoming season!