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from 130 € / night

Hacienda Gašparović - Tourist agencySukošan - Tourist agency4 persons - Tourist agency2 rooms

from 242 € / night

Villa Batana - Tourist agencySukošan - Tourist agency8 persons - Tourist agency3 rooms

from 240 € / night

Villa Silente - Tourist agencySukošan - Tourist agency8 persons - Tourist agency3 rooms

from 195 € / night

Villa Mate Ceko - Tourist agencySukošan - Tourist agency6 persons - Tourist agency2 rooms

from 421 € / night

Villa Dumina - Tourist agencySukošan - Tourist agency12 persons - Tourist agency5 rooms

from 135 € / night

Villa MiA Debeljak - Tourist agencySukošan - Tourist agency8 persons - Tourist agency3 rooms

from 75 € / night

Studio apartment Little Paradise - Tourist agencySukošan - Tourist agency2 persons - Tourist agency1 room

About us

Enjoy a perfect vacation - Tourist agency is a tourist agency established after many years of work in the tourism sector. Our story started locally, in the area of Sukošan and as our team, experience and ambitions grew, we slowly expanded to other places in the Zadar County. Nowadays, we are ready to introduce our guests with unique and truly special accommodation from all parts of Croatia, with an emphasis on our Zadar and Dalmatia.

Our desire is to transfer our enthusiasm and passion into a successful company that will be of help to both our guests and renters. Our goal is to give every guest the opportunity to have the desired vacation in Croatia in the best and easiest way.

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With us you can rent everything you need for an ideal vacation. Our team consists of local experts and local subcontractors whose goal is to ensure maximum guest satisfaction. We are able to organize boat, bicycle or car rental services, transfers, excursions and other services you may need. We can organize everything for renters; from creating the website and advertising to mowing the grass and tidying up the garden.

The headquarters of the agency are located in Sukošan and we cover the entire Zadar County. In addition to Sukošan, we also have a representative office in Vrsi. The office in Vrsi covers Ljubač, Ražanac, Nin, Privlaka and Vir.

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What others say about us - Tourist agency

Peter Brdnik


Only positive experiences, always ok, no comments, I recommend.

Villa Batana

The renter

Cooperation at a high level. Satisfied me, satisfied guests, everything as it should be 😀

Ales Stega


It was a really nice vacation, it was great, congratulations 👌👍








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