What to visit in Zadar County?

Morlacco - Pearl of Velebit

Through years of work in tourism, we are extremely pleased when we can offer our guests something new and different and thus successfully respond to your needs.

What to visit that has not yet been seen in Zadar, that is interesting and inspiring, and yet provides a feeling of intimacy and connection with nature? Where to spend a pleasant summer evening with delicious snacks and the best bottles of wine? Where to celebrate the most important life events or organize a private party according to your taste? The answer to all these questions is hidden in the same location, in Morlacco. In this blog, we take you to a unique place of special charm, located above the town of Maslenica.

Morlacco, a restored former bauxite mine, is located at the very junction of the mountain and the sea, in a place where traditional gastronomy and modern industrial style of decoration meet.
A huge field of symmetrically planted lavender, old olive trees, vines and stone surround this large building overlooking the sea and the place it protects. The bauxite mine, which fed local families throughout history, is now restored and ready for visitors accompanied by an expert guide.

Local spices are the main ingredients of unique souvenirs that you can find in the shop within the facility. The interior space is arranged for private parties and everyday gatherings with local food and wine. The interior space is also ideal for smaller groups and celebrations of birthdays, baptisms, weddings or other occasions. In its new gastronomic museum, Morlacco offers you the opportunity to try some of the most famous original Dalmatian delicacies. In this way, the guest combines all his senses and can thus fully familiarize himself with the peculiarities of the area where he is currently staying.

However, the greatest advantage of Morlacco in the summer months is the industrially arranged outdoor space for completely private parties. With light music and the breeze from Velebit, you can fully feel the Dalmatian lifestyle and relax without neighbors nearby. Completely secluded, Morlacco offers relaxation and peace along with fun and enjoyment, which makes it unique.

The owners have also provided a space for children to play, as well as a protected parking lot for a large number of cars.
If in the middle of summer, you want to get away from the crowds and the heat, Morlacco is the perfect place for that.
They are open every day except Sundays, and with prior notice, spend a pleasant afternoon and evening in Morlacco. A trip to Morlacco will be educational, will satisfy your appetite, connect you with nature in a unique way and leave you with the most valuable, wonderful memories of the Zadar hinterland.

Morlacco is not a place to just visit, Morlacco can truly be felt.

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