What to visit in Croatia?

Deer Valley Ranch

Only fifteen kilometers from Plitvice Lakes is Deer Valley Ranch. It is a unique outdoor zoo. It covers 15 hectares and is home to more than 100 game animals, i.e. different types of deer. The ranch is easy to find, and there is parking for a large number of cars in front.

Tour lasts about an hour, and group is approx. 30 people. During the gathering, the owner of the ranch presents all the important information about the animals and how to treat them.

Deer Valley Ranch

The tour with an expert guide starts with feeding the fallow deer. Anyone can take the deer food prepared by the guide and feed it to the animals. The space is fenced off so there is no need to be afraid. After the deer, there are horses that you can feed as well as take a picture with them if you are in the mood ?

Horse feeding

The guide continues towards common/red deer. Unlike fallow deer, common deer have a different hierarchy, so only the alpha male and a couple of selected females come to feed. Next to ordinary deer, there are black Slavonian pigs.

A little further on, there is an exhibition area of ​​various kinds of horns. With interesting stories from the guide, you can touch the horns and take pictures with them.

Deer horns

Deer horn

The tour ends with a small reception where the hosts serve homemade cheese, sausages and juices. There is a small children's playground near the reception area.

At the time of writing this article, the price was €15 per person (children under 7 do not pay the entrance fee). Due to the large crowd, it is necessary to make an appointment at least one day in advance. The path through the ranch is good and you can go with a baby stroller without any problems.

Željava Airport

Near Ranch Dolina jelena, there is an abandoned military airfield Željava. A fascinating place that takes you back to some past times.

Before entering the airport zone itself, there is an old Douglas C-47 airplane that you can enter and take a perfect Instagram photo.

Željava airport

The airport consists of a military base, five runways and 3 kilometers of tunnels inside the Plješivica mountain. 120 planes with crew could fit inside the mountain itself. The tunnels today are not very safe for walking, but the sight of the entrance/opening into the mountain itself is fascinating. Entrance to Željava is free.


A great combination for a day trip. If you get involved in Plitvice Lakes, you will surely spend a memorable day.